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What is Globalization?

  • Introduction: Globalization on Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy[1]
  • Globalization in brief: Global Transformations web [2] or educational materials from the Levin Institute[3]
  • Globalisation in depth[4] (educational materials by the Charles University - selected topics from last year´s course)
  • Latest news from The Globalization website [5]
  • EU perspective [6]

What is case study?

We will use one of the "misunderstandings" that relate to case study method of research:

"The case study is most useful for generating hypotheses, whereas other methods are more suitable for hypotheses testing and theory building."[7]

But of course, this a well developed method in teaching[8], and we will use some of its principles for joint work (see below).

Write it yourselves!

Writing assistant

Where to start

From Blank page - take first steps:

Examples for your work


Throughout the e-learning courses, students´ outcomes - texts - are assessed with regard to following criteria:

Technical help

Practical warning!!!

Protect yourself from loosing your work! Do not edit the page for too long without saving it, or work on the Word document and copy it to the Wiki space only consequently. The page can expire while you are working on it :-(


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