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This is the main information page and work space for the International Spring School on Sustainable Development 2014 to be held on 30 March - 5 April 2014 in Týnec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic. It is organised by the Charles University Environment Center in collaboration with the Open University of the Netherlands and funded by the project "Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development Network" (OP VK, Czech Republic).

OPVK eng.jpg

Promotional flyer

File:International Spring School on SD 2014 flyer-electronic.pdf

Pre-course information

File:Sustainability Spring School PRE-PACKAGE PARTICIPANTS FINAL.pdf

Student profiles - PRE-COURSE ASSIGNMENT

Please fill in your profile information on the links below by Friday 28th March

There are two parts:

1. Simply write one or two paragraphs about yourself (university, study topic, hobbies, etc.) and what you'd like to learn at the Spring School.

2. Find an initiative or project in your town/region/country/etc. that you like and believe contributes to the sustainable development of the area. Write one paragraph about this initiative/project in your profile. We'll then discuss this at the Spring School.

How to enter the information? You need to "Create account" for this Wiki in the top right corner (you'll be also using it during the course, so please remember the login details!), log into the Wiki, click on your name and then click "Edit". A text editor will open up and you can enter the information there. Don't forget to "Save page" once you're done. If at any point the site asks a control question, such as "What is the family name of the administrator of this site?", please enter "Dlouhy" as the answer.

Hope that's all clear. Happy Wiki-ing:-)

List of students participating in the Spring School:

Robert Ach-Hübner

Zoe Astara

Radek Bartos

Monika Bosilj

Luisa Borges

Michaela Fejglová

Helena Ježková

Jakub Jirků

Rosette Kadlecová

Alena Křivánková

Radka Lipenská

Lucia Patoprstá

Marius Sfetcu

Petr Skákal

Kirstin Surmann

Markéta Šillingová

Michaela Trávníčková

Michaela Vyležíková

Karolína Zunková

Presentations & resources

Work space