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Hey! I´m Mischa and I´m nearly 24 years old.

Im currently in my extra year at Palacký University finishing my Political Studies there. I enjoy dancing and singing, playing drums, walking in open spaces and reading. I´m also very into experiential learning and courses preparation which I think it´s a very good way to get closer to yourself. This year it´s a course called Inner Fire under Prázdninová škola Lipnice.

Regarding my expectations on the Spring School, I would like to debate and work on developing qualified opinion as well as get a little bigger overlook in general. I think listening to the hosts can be very enriching because I believe they can help us the most in what to do and what aspects to consider in trying to act sustainable. I would also like to consider economic large-scale perspective and try to understand these aspects more clearly. And also I would like to get inspired to apply more steps into my day routine.

I believe that Food bank is a very good idea to safe spare food from supermarkets and use it afterwards so I would like to tell you about this project.

looking forward to meet you all, Mischa

For my future use I consider Food system as the most intresting lecture at Spring School. As we were talking about different eating habits within the world I came to an interesting understanding that even though we (understand developed countries) have plenty of food and its variety the quality of our nourishment is slighthly dicreasing. With all respect to their difficulties some of the families from developing countries seemed to have better nouritious food that everage american family. So I realize that this phenomenon od food systems and globalization are very interesting to connect. Because in spite of the fact that we can get any food we want so logical expectation would be to get more healthy. But as we see the trend is completely different and our daily food is very poor in an actuall nutritious items. I believe I will go more deeply to try to understand how food system works on a daily basis and use in my next internship. I want to focus on global food security as a matter of humanitarian help and try to bring a different view of nourishment into my daily life.