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Hi, everybody. I am 23-years-old student of Corporate Economy and Management and Corporate Law in Brno, Czech Republic. I live in a small village near Eagle Mountains and I love nature, although I don't know almost anything about it :) This semester I enrolled course called Sustainable Development, and I find it very interesting but difficult. I hope that this Spring School would help me with clarifying some issues, with creating more and more ideas and supporting thoughts. When I'm not at school or simply not studying, I help with coaching little biathletes or I spend some time by sports. I like yoga, MTB, running and in these days very popular home fitness.

My village cooperates with companies providing sorting and recycling waste, but I didn't find any iniciative, it is normal cooperation. What I found and what I think is very interesting, is iniciative ORLICKÉ HORY - originální produkt (Eagle Mountains - original product), which is part of the project Regional Trade mark [1]. It tries to distinguish local product which are considerate of the environment and nature.

Final assignment

The whole week was extremely inspiring. I met a few interesting people and I think I can honestly admit that some things contributed to changing my mind. Since my studies are economically oriented, the topic that could possibly influence my career or just future, would be decoupling. It has already come to my mind that constant growth is implausible and that by striving to keep the growth we advance destroying ourselves. I don't think that economist still use GDP as the only or the most serviceable indicator, but everyone is talking about it like it would be something that could save our lives. We hear about it in tv, radio, we read about it in newspapers and if GDP is not rising, we see ourselves dying from hunger or simply suffering from the lack of money. Now I see more clearly that we should set economic growth and the aggregate conditions on Earth apart. We already have enough technology and knowledge to make ourselves happy and rich, we should find out way how to use these to maintain or even improve our environment so that we can live a long and healthy lives and that we can be happy.