Students:Globalization and Sustainable Development 2012/2013

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What is Globalization?

To receive insight into the globalization process and its consequences, use the following resources. Concentrate on the topic of your interest (e.g. the environment) and try to develop your own research question that will guide your readings (e.g. is globalization in principle pro- or anti-environmental, and what are the driving forces of environmental degradation?):

  • Educational materials from the Levin Institute[1]. Basic information on most of the globalisation issues and a very up-to-date overview of news.
  • Globalization website [2]. Slightly outdated resource but provides very useful glossary, brief overview of globalisation debates, and insight into most important theories.

What is a case study?

Read more about case study development! And consider when case studies might be used - as a method of research...

"The case study is most useful for generating hypotheses, whereas other methods are more suitable for hypotheses testing and theory building."[3]

...or as a well-developed method in transdisciplinary dialogue where mutual learning is expected[4]. In this course it will serve as a tool for cooperative work on a specific globalization theme.

Write it yourselves!

While case study research has its specifics, the writing process is similar to any other academic discourse.

Writing assistant

  • Blank page is a template with relevant instructions - start your writing process here:
  • Writing manual is a good overview of writing techniques - pay attention to the ethical rules which need to be observed carefully!

Examples for your work


Throughout the e-learning courses, students´ outcomes - texts - are assessed with regard to the following criteria:


  1. Levin Institute, page [online] [cit 2010-11-12] available from (American perspective)
  2. Lechner, F. et al. (2001) The Globalization website. [online] [cit 2010-11-12] available from [ Excellent resource for hyperlinks to issues, theories and especially news from various sources.
  3. Case study. (2012, October 15). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 08:25, October 31, 2012, from Use Wikipedia for basic orientation in this theme, if you want to get more precise information (for citing), use references mentioned in the text, e.g.
  4. ETH Zurich, Natural and Social Science Interface (NSSI): Transdisciplinarity Laboratory (TdLab) [online] [cit 2010-11-12] available from

Other sources

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