VCSE Guidebook/Introduction/The VCSE Network’s Vision and Mission for the Future

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1.4. The VCSE Network’s Vision and Mission for the Future

The VCSE-partners during the materialization of the VCSE – eLearning Project have jointly formulated the vision of the VCSE Network, as follows:

VCSE Vision

"Our vision is to be part of the global debate and at the cutting edge of learning for sustainability achieving a knowledge-based future society for a sustainable Europe".

Thus, the VCSE-partners acknowledge and share a common VCSE mission for the future, which is also addressed to all new VCSE members:

VCSE Mission

"Our mission is to empower students and society across Europe to cope with global challenges by promoting learning for sustainability.

This will be achieved through collaboration among European Universities and local/regional stakeholders to share best practices in our delivery of innovative, intercultural, multidisciplinary e-learning courses".

Our greatest ambition is that the VCSE Network will expand further, in order to master the technical and thematic know-how both on e-learning and sustainable education and to acquire the financial capacity and the power of decision to proceed with the establishment of a world-wide Virtual Campus for Sustainability.