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About me

I am studying International development studies at University Palacký in Olomouc. This discipline is provided by Department of development studies at Faculty of science. I´ve always been interested in problems connected with poor state of the environment, maybe cause I am fisherman and I´ve grown close to the water and forest.

I´m just finishing third grade, by the way I´ve written bachelor thesis about the issue of overfishing, and especially this industry is managed unsustainably. In the future I´d like to do something meaningful to be able to see one day that my work wasn´t useless.

I look forward to our trip to Germany, couse I like this country and I´ve never been to north part of it. I´ve heard that it´s nice there :) I also believe that it will be important experience, which could broaden my academic horizons. Last but surely not least I look forward to meet new friends and collegues!

My view on sustainability

From my point of view it is life in harmony with nature, so that all the positives, of which we take for granted in our lives, would enjoy also another generations of people without diminishing natural resources. I think it is important to realize that it's not just about us humans and our well-being. I could not live a happy life in an unhappy environment.

Day 1

After quit long journey which was without any complication we arrived at about half past seven p.m. to our destination - old university town Lüneburg. Then the tasty dinner was served and we were ready for our opening session. We played a name game, which was very good way to help us to get to know each other well. After that there was discussion when we offered our point of view on various environmental issues. Due to clean showers and comfortable bed the first night was pleasant.

Day 2

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day. Delicious breakfest was ideal preparation for quite demanding program. After breakfest we went for a walk to the city center which was beautiful experience due to the rich historical background of Lüneburg. Then we continued to University campus, where we had lunch in organical mensa. After only half an hour, at 12:45, we started our first lesson about basic concepts of sustainable development, the lecturer was Prof. Maik Adomssent. After short break we had a workshop with representatives of student organisation OIKOS. The lecturers briefly introduced us the organisation and after that there was space for our new ideas. We worked out our projects in the small groups and then presented the final form to our collegues. It was very useful experience and the cooperation and communication with our German collegues was great. After the end of this session followed well deserved dinner and relaxation.