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I´m studying International Development on UPOL in Olomouc and I´m in my third year, furthermore I´m studying English at Faculty of Art (2nd year) but it is only subsidiary matter due to which I have to prolong my first studies next year. During my free time I´m trying to contribute to development through volunteering in Fair Trade group and other occasional projects. Beside that I love to travel therefore I usually spend as much time as I can by travelling, recent years travelling on a low budget. Other hobbies can be playing sport on non-professional level, hi-king and more and more trying to do things against the current. My future ambitions is to work for an international organization which deals with environment or working on agricultural or environmental projects in poor countries.


Yet being a student I have not a real power to change meaning of mass so my current concept is to focus on my own life and a close neighborhood such as roommates and friends. Daily I´m thinking about the impact which my life of an ordinary student has on the nature and slowly I´m trying to find the way I will go in the future...having own eco-farm, living in sustainable community, living faraway in nature etc. For example, right now I´m concerned in food. I hope that the trip will help me to understand better our possibilities for sustainable life in Europe because I´m not sure there is a way how to keep a standard we live in and simultaneously how to concern the nature. Moreover I have learned about such technologies theoretically on my Erasmus in UK so I want to see it working.