Talk:The impact of multinational corporations, global trade and extreme weather in West Africa

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I have few suggestions concerning your text. It is almost case study - to make it real case, please focus slightly your attention. Most visible it is in your conclusions - I highly value your attempt to find a solution, but this solution is still too abstract and general. It need not be relevant to a concrete country, but at least try to specify the problem you are speaking about. It might be triangle agriculture - environment - development with solutions only in one of those areas. Of course also other factors play a role such as culture, community traditions, education etc. But if e.g. sustainable agriculture would be your priority, then everything else could be considered as context or circumstsances (then you could discuss interplay of other factors and their influence on the agricultural problem - and MNCs consider as a factor of development that could be included in the number of these factors, you could give examples when MNCs behave so that agriculture has some benefits or loses etc.).

Be aware that more focused you are in your attention, the more energy you can invest in your conclusions. And this is most valued!

Pay attention to WEHAB resources:

Best regards, Jana, February, 2nd, 2011