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Hello Fabian, it is very well written review and I am glad you are aware of so many aspects of writing the author should follow! It is good for you and the author himself.

I share your views except the language – it was sometimes difficult for me to understand :-). I would appreciate if you (Irmawan and Fabian) could interlink your articles so that the relationship of the themes will be clear.

--Jana Dlouha 10:13, 16 January 2010 (UTC) Paper title: Global-labor, Risk or Opportunity?


Reviewer´s assessment - Fabian Singemann

1. Basic criteria

1.1. Relevance of the subject to the general theme High

1.2. Coherence of the content with the title and thesis High

1.3. Quality of the content from the methodological point of view (see below) Medium

1.4. Quality of the text from the formal point of view (see below) Medium

2. Summary Comments for Author

2.1. Contribution to theory or practice High

2.2. Originality of the paper High

2.3. Adequate references to prior and related works by other authors High

2.4. Accurate information Yes

2.5. Current information Yes

2.6. Methodology Yes

2.7. Writing style is generally Readable

2.7.1. Paper is logically organised Yes

2.7.2. Ideas are clearly presented Yes

2.8. Meets submission requirements (abstract, length, style, citation rules) Yes

3. Written Comments for Author

Hi Irmawan, at first: It was very interesting to read your text, because it was googreadable and easy to understand- good essay. There are only a few comments which I want say to your essay. In the formal point of view: I’m not sure if your citation style is correct. I thought we should also make information of the book page from where you have your articles. Also, you took the big theme of global labor very precise in your relative short essay. The good structure of your essay let me recognize a red thread. I think that your title is one hundred percent the content of your essay. Once again your resource list, it is good that you work with so many resources, but in your resource list, add the publishing house as well and end with a full stop. I like the style you write your essay, it is easy to read and you have a big content of vocabulary.

Comments on the content of your essay

Global labor is one of the biggest themes which you can write about in part of globalization. My theme: Shaping globalization: migration in times of globalization is part of your theme of global labor. You use a logical structure in your text which let the reader realize your essay and its key points very fast. I think you have shown very good the risk of global labor out of different point of views, a good idea to put yourself in the situation of these human beings. You gave us many examples for the risks. But in my point of view there are also many chances for the people on the global labor market. When you read my essay you will see. When you could find also 2 or 3 more opportunities for your essay? Because the global labor is also a big chance for developing countries. Your conclusion is also very good you summarize your essay shortly and you suggest a discussion with interesting statements. You give solution approaches which are very interesting and give the essay a very interesting end.

Overall a god work which only need some little changes for being very good.

4. General Recommendation for articles (highlight one option):

4.1. Publish as is

4.2. Acceptable with minor modifications

4.3. Might be accepted after major modifications

4.4. Unacceptable (select following option):

4.4.1. Not appropriate for the content/theme of the Course

4.4.2. Technically deficient

4.4.3. Quality of presentation is poor

Assessment from January 4th

Very good article, I have minor remarks:

Please try to improve your language, it is sometimes difficult to be understand your points. You might be concrete in some cases – especially “International organizations which concern on the issue” – which ones?; “ILO is in UN wings has done some research…” what organizations and what research? Are there some negotiations concerning global labor conditions already underway? etc. This would make your article more focused and action oriented.

--Jana Dlouha 14:26, 14 January 2010 (UTC)

Assessment from December 8th

You consider only those labors who migrate to another country - very often the company migrates where the labor is cheaper. Then, so called sweet shops emerge, with very bad work conditions and unstable legal environment.

It is interesting that you call benefit what all of the others would rather call risk (overexpoitation of human resources).

Risk or Opportunity for whom? Who bears the uncertainty related to this phenomenon?

--Jana Dlouha 20:46, 7 December 2009 (UTC)