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Make sure you cite your references in the text, and not just at the end of the article. Use an objective voice - don't refer to 'we' or 'us' or 'our Republic'.

4 October 2012

Well done on completing your assignment. You've used and created references well, and even managed to upload an image, so you can call yourselves qualified users of wiki now ;) The English needs some correcting, but overall it's understandable. Your case study is missing several points, however:

  • there doesn't appear to be any application to the Czech context
  • the study reads like a marketing leaflet but with all details about how Okoprofit achieves its goals; some concrete examples would have helped to understand what exactly it is that Okoprofit does (a reader wouldn't know without following one of the links)
  • what's with the long list of city names?! This is superfluous information
  • you need to analyse and critically examine the goals and outcomes of Okoprofit and what benefits it could potentially offer to the Czech Republic or whether it's even feasible to apply here; otherwise you've only provided a brief description of the organisation
  • explain what Agenda 21 is - most readers wouldn't know
  • is it really a conclusion?

Overall assessment: Good