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1. My name is Zoe, i am from Greece and i am twenty four years old. I am an undergraduate student of Environmental Science at the University of Aegean which it is situated in the city of Mytilene on the island of Lesvos. After studying for three years business administration at University of Piraeus, I decided to turn my educational route into another direction. That's why now i study environmental science and i am absolutely glad for taking and materializing this decision. My fields of interest approach wastewater management, negative effects to environment through intensive agriculture, environmental and agriculture policy. I like reading (primarily novels), going outdoor walks, cycling, movies but what i really enjoy is travelling. In my spare time i do crafting and i like having good time with friends.

During the Spring School i expect to experience interesting discussions and gain new insights on environmental issues with students from other countries and with different backgrounds and points of views. More specifically i would like to gain further knowledge on sustainable development in fieldtrip as well as on Europe's policies regarding all the issues which we will represented by the EVS students in the course.

2. According to an effort to be more "green" our university, a group of postgraduate students have handed in a project for constructing a vegetable garden in the area of university. Τhe realization of this attempt will begin in September of 2014 and it will be entirely financed by greek institutions. Some agriculturalists will contribute by offering the needed equipment as well. The conservation of vegetable garden is ensured by including it in the educational program of Environment and Geography departments of the university.


Of course either for me, participating in the spring school was a beneficial and memorable experience. Most of all I enjoyed the discussions that were held after the end of presentations because thus I was informed as to which is the condition of the environment in specific countries and generally in this way I gained further knowledge for off the record situations and states.

As it is mentioned above in a brief description of me, my fields of interest approach mainly the negative environmental impacts of intensive agriculture and environmental policy. During the lectures, what cause to me more impression and it is also related to environmental policy is that almost in the majority of presentations at the end it was pointed out the need for active involvement of citizens and generally stakeholders. As nothing can be changed except if people firstly do understand what is the problem and subsequently be informed-asked for which method will be selected to solve the problem. These information could be used in my future studies or work since I would like to comprehend conduct of humans as well as their attitudes in order to make policy for environment’s protection.