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By Friday was it? Well...better late than never as they say...So, what about myself? 25 years of age, 6feet 4inches, 220 pounds (therefore unmistakeable in the crowd), Palacky University in Olomouc-based (but originally a stout member of CZ/PL/SVK border town of Třinec), 5th year English and Biology teacher programme student with laidback and rather informal attitude and a big get-me-in-trouble-and-get-me-out-of-that-trouble-again mouth, very much alive and kicking....figuratively speaking.

Might be that I shall scare all of you tomorrow, I have a little bit of residue tooth infection, so my left cheek reminds of a sumo wrestler. But not to worry, it should clear out in a day or two, my doctor said. I would be interested (amongst other things)in getting to know specific exaples of situations, actions, projects and studies that can be used as persuasion points when introducing the topic of Sustainable Development to the layman community, especially children at primary school or, alternatively, senior citizens who are not familiar with the topic.

And as for the project that I know of...tricky business. The major steel producing factory in my home city ([1])is ever boasting about SD projects, of this and that improvement, of reduction in pollution, keeping high employment and projects for the future, but if pressed, I would name the Revitalisation of the Olše river project. It was intended to mimimise the effects of past misgivings (which are huge) and to construct a new system of canals and water-purifying plants with expected cost of over 162 milion crowns([2]). Let's just hope that its effects are to be felt in decades to come.


There have been many thrilling subject discussed, but one that interested me quite a bit was the part on sustainable tourism on Iceland. An interesting idea, to present the idea of wild, untamed nature, with local customs and food, shall we say. It really should not be customary for these frontier places to offer comfortable hotels and McDonald’s. Ice shacks, geysers and aurora polaris. I tool great pleasure in the diversity of the people attending, it was amusing to discuss politics, education and economy with Sebastian from Germany, culture and food differences with the Mediterranean ladies and beer and (one specific) ethnical minority with Marius from Romania.

As for my career I was quite fond of the student-based activities, the caterpillar or fish-hunt was both amusing and educational. One of the main reasons of my attending the Spring School was to get some simple, straightforward ideas to introduce the concept of SD to children or layman community and these activities were exactly what I was after. I will definitely be able to use the fish-hunt game with my future pupils, it is perfect to explain the workings of SD.

I was very happy to be able to attend, enjoyed myself a great deal and hope I have caused as little fuss as possible (it does not always work with me, I could be a little too much to take for people who are not accustomed to big and loud blokes such as I am). Big thanks to Dana, who is a great organiser, a great planner and judging from what I saw, rather a decent dancer. So thanks again and I shall recommend you around. Cheerio.