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Hello! My name is Helena, I am 23 years old and I live in Brno. I am in the last year of bachelor study program Business and Economics at Mendelu University in Brno. My studies are focused on tourism. My hobbies are dancing, photography and I love travelling. What do I expect of Spring School? Regarding to my study area I´d like to learn about sustainable development especially in tourism. Tourism is fast growing sector which brings huge benefits to the economy and society. However, there are also big risks about its development. It is important to develop tourism with respect to the environment and involve local residents. I hope the Spring School to be practical and interesting.

There is an institution of environmental education in Brno. Its name is Lipka and it offers ecological education programes which includes about 20 000 students a year. Lipka provides several universities courses focused on environment. They also prepare several events a year for families with children. Lipkas mission it to give children, youth and adults environmental education and learn then about environment-friendly ways of life.