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Day Two: School participants walked to Jezeří Castle and were taken on a tour of the castle by the castle custodian, Hana Krejčová. A lunch of beer and sausages was followed by a walk down below the castle to view slips caused by nearby mining at the Czechoslovak Army Mine. The evening activity was a discussion with a panel of local experts on local issues, including well-known local personality and former deputy mayor of Svatá Hora Kateřiny, Petr Pakosta, the current mayor of Hora Svaté Kateřiny, Hana Řebíková, and the current deputy mayor, Lukaš Pakosta.

Viewing tower
File:Pockani na koupani.JPG
Pockani na koupani
Swimming near Svate Hora Kateriny
File:Jezeri Castle.JPG
Waiting to enter Jezeri Castle
Viewing the mines