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Day 4: Most of us walked over the border to the German town of Seiffen, famous for its woodcraft industry. There we met up with Herr Urlich from the regional planning office in Chemnitz who told us all about the regional planning decision-making process compared to development processes. After that the local Lutheran pastor gave us a historical overview of Seiffen and relations with locals on the Czech side of the border, followed by a guided tour of the local church and a toy-making factory to get a glimpse of a thriving business in the Ore Mountains. Caught a bus back to Hora Svaté Kateřiny for a late lunch and heard a presentation from Petr Mikšíček on the anthropology of the Ore Mountains. The day was capped off by celebrating the birthday of of one of the students.

Pastor Harzer and University of Luneburg coordinator Simon Burandt in Seiffen
Dr Jens Uhlig discusses regional planning in Seiffen
Protestant church in Seiffen
Toy factory in Seiffen