Attitudes of Prášily inhabitants

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Questionnaire - perception of the Prášily inhabitants

Autumn 2015 (Martin Zahradník)

Overview of results (16 repondents - local inhabitants):

Q 8. What is needed here primarily to develop so that the village is as you want it?

Public spaces, sports facilities and services

  • In winter - to create an ice rink, ski lift for children. For the summer - to create sports places.
  • Area for sports recreation (swimming in summer, missing ski lift for skiers - Prášily visitors, lack of sports fields for youth)
  • A new water area, treatment of trees in the village
  • facilities for visitors, Sport + Leisure for citizens (barn)
  • Development of infrastructure for local residents; competition in the field of tourism services; Sport, culture
  • promotion of tourism, public transport.
  • infrastructure for visitors - benches, rest areas
  • an exhibition on Bohemian countryside, architecture
  • setting up a public toilet

Q 9. What do you consider the advantages of the village for its development in the next 5 years?

The surrounding countryside, NP and the interest of tourists (assets)

  • nature
  • location in an attractive location with the possibility to sensitively promote tourism and hence the emphasis on conservation.
  • exceptional location in Sumava National Park
  • surrounding countryside
  • location of the village in the National Park.
  • convenient location in the Šumava National Park.
  • Location, history
  • High tourist interest.

Q 10. And on the contrary, what do you consider the greatest risk of developing the village?

Uncontrolled development and construction insensitive tourism

  • Building boom
  • large development projects
  • change of the development plan “on purpose”; further construction of apartments
  • Any change in the development plan with the intention of unduly expanding residential construction
  • insensitive development projects (housing)
  • Inappropriate housing development and thus the pressure on poorly managed tourism.
  • appartment housing for tourists
  • Further housing development and bulding on the land of the only one cultural monument.
  • Allowing wild village development of non-residential buildings. NO! to the black constructions and expansion of built-up area outside the village for recreational buildings.
  • monopolization; increase in activities leading to the creation of the Prášily "Disnayland"
  • Do not allow more housing projects than currently approved.
  • one-sided focus on tourism; promotion of “hidden interests”


  • promoting personal interests at the expense of public ones
  • clear-cut harvesting in forests
  • Cancellation of the post-office
  • immoral behavior + oligarchisation of the Prášily village.