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Peer review (Frank Bröhan)

Criteria High/Medium/Low
Content 9
Context 8
Practical relevance 8
Focus 9
Clarity 9
Critical approach 8
Elaborateness (commitment) 7
Individual input & risk-taking 9
Reader's attractiveness 10
Formal features 8
Total (points) 85

Written Comments for Author

Hello Jan, first of all I have to say that this is my first peer review und I think is not easy to evaluate the work of another person. You selected in interesting topic for your case study with the title “Changing people’s relationship to their environment”. And now I will begin with the first paragraph “Introduction and general relationships”. At the beginning of the paragraph it is for me not really clear on which focus you want to go. But in the second part of the Introduction you get more focused, because you say that you want to devote the case study to the interrelationship of people and landscape which are associated with Beskydy Protected Landscape Area. In the first part about Beskids you describe the “History and culture” of the region based on several Quotes from various books. I think there is a formal mistake. I think the Quote Reference “Quote. Smahel, R. Valašské muzeum v přírodě. Osveta. Martin 1976.” should be by the other References under the Text and not here in the chapter. But all in all, I think the chapter is a little bit short, but very informative and readable for the reader. After that you give in an introduction into the “Beskydy Protected Landscape Area”, there you describe detailed the facts of the area and what factors the region offer and how it will be delimited from other regions and areas. I like how you have described the coexistence between the man and the nature over a long time before the industrialization in the 19th and 20th century. Furthermore you describe after that the “Current situation and people´s relationship to the Beskids environment”. I think there is missing the word “the” between “and” and “people” But I am not sure if that was not intended of you. Because so for me is not clear with people you especially mean. Do you mean the people in general or the inhabitants of the area especially? But the content themselves was very clear und focused on the current situation of the area and the people’s relationship to area. In interesting key point is the quote about the difference between the comparisons of communist, post-communist and long democratic countries. I think this is especially in this region an interesting point for detailed views. In the next chapter you present a main factor of the globalization. You show us the change of the traditional to the today’s lifestyle. This factor maybe one of the main factors for the change of the people’s relationship to their environment. And this is the topic of the case study. The next good idea is to transform your obtained knowledge from the Beskids region to the other European regions. But I think the French part of Quebec and other Canadian territories are not in Europe. But the global dimension is the same in Beskids and in the mentioned regions like in Spain and the French regions. And you show there several political and economical factors and effects. But I think you can present in this context some more different views on the thematic to get more details and more practical relevance on the several points. Last but not least. I really liked the idea to interview several people, with several years of birth and relationships to the area. They illustrate the several views and life stories in and around the region. Your Conclusion is a good summery on the displayed thematic in the case study. You conclude some main factors. But I think there are some more connections between the several points and I think the conclusion is a little bit to short for me. But all in all I think your case study is for the reader very attractive and I enjoyed it really to read it. The Formal features are with some exceptions all in all observed. You displayed the core problem and all in all are the elaborateness also okay. I get new input and you have showed me new issues. Thank you very much and congratulations.

General Recommendation for article:

2. Acceptable with minor modifications

--Frank 11:43, 08 March 2011 (CET)