Students:Mining companies (2012 e-learning)

Stakeholder profiles =

Stakeholder profiles according to the criteria:

Development vision


they are aware of the situation but are caught in their necessarity of gaining profite. A companies, they naturally haven't their view on public welfare. They know that coal mining is no sector of eternity but have to regard economic restraints, too.

Flexibility and innovation


It's difficult to change their strategy if they have the single strategy to promote coal mining. But if they get subsidued or compensated, it could be possible.



They create spaces, but behind closed doors. Critical locals frightened their efficient lobbyism with decision makers -> corruptionĀ ?



They know what they want and work hard for it. It's important how much do you accept their opinions and you will get the right arguments to defend against others.



It's obvious what they want. But a minimalized critical publicity is good for their aims. Altough they seem to be willing to look transparent, it's assumed (the same with energy companies in Germany) that they don't play with open cards and are not ready to talk about real sustainable development.



same as point 5; no information about breaches of agreement or similar.

Public protests and lost public votes speak a language of mistrust against the companies.

Operational effectiveness


It's a company. They have strategy sections.



they have the resources for the case and react fast to public protest or different opinions (PR). But the level of constructiveness is limited, they don't need to.



Money, money, money-> Campaigns, lobbyism and funfairs

And they have a lot of workers who want to keep their jobs.