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==Svea Marie Wehling ==
==Svea Marie Wehling ==

([[Svea Wehling: Justifiable Risk or headless Fear? The Difference between experienced and factual Disadvantages of a Process called Globalisation|Eligible Concern or headless Fear? The Individuals' Handling with a Challenge called Globalisation]])
([[Svea Wehling: Justifiable Risk or headless Fear? The Difference between experienced and factual Disadvantages of a Process called Globalisation]])

Globalisation is a concept nowadays every single one of us has heard of. However, not many people deal with the subject of globalisation. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for instance refers to this mistakable term as “a process of closer economic integration of global markets“ ([1]) and although quite simple it can be regarded as a reasoned definition for an organisation, which deals primarily with economical issues. Nevertheless, this definition is too limited in order to stress the complexity and duality of the process of globalisation. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology adds, that “this development is being driven forward by world-wide information networks and communication technologies“ ([2]), while the U.S. Department of Commerce focusses on the “potential to affect each other more quickly and to a higher degree than ever before“ (Globalization and Minority-owned Businesses in the United States: Assessment and Prospects (2003), p. 4). Hence, misunderstandings and information of dubious origin lead ([[]])
Are the concerns we have in terms of the globalisation process in accordance with the actual problems? Or do we stand in our own light and our appraisal is blurred by the fear of personal disadvantages? If so, what are the real problems we need to solve and how are we ought to identify them?
This essay is supposed to allow the reader another view on which issues the world actually ''has'' to fear and which we ''do'' fear.  
After outlining the importance of definitions, since globalisation and its associated terms are as diverse as the process of globalisation itself, this essay will evaluate the connection between the actual risks and experienced fears, such as the reduction of jobs, cultural conflicts and environment protection and put them into a global context. It will provide different arguments and analyses on which of these fears differ from the actual risks the modern society has to face. After examining the major concerns and risks it will refer to whom the term „society“ refers and who consequently is affected by the globalisation and draw conclusions on the resulting required action steps.

== Ilknur Yilmaz ==
== Ilknur Yilmaz ==