VCSE Guidebook/How to organize and implement a Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe/Technical Aspects and Content of the Web Portal/The Internet Section

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2.3.2. The Internet Section

The internet section is based on Typo3, a web content management system with over 200.000 installations worldwide. Typo3 offers a completely modular system based on the common technologies PHP and MySQL and thus can be adapted to the individual needs of the project. The administrative control centre (“backend”) is available with a multi-language support, so that it can be used in the native language at every European university. With a large number of extensions, such as a newsletter module or a search engine, it can be further developed.

Within the internet section one finds a login to the intranet (1), a navigation bar consisting of the main and sub menu (2, 3) and the main content area (4), as well as some additional tools (5). Both the menu and the content can be fully controlled in the backend of TYPO3:

Here you find a general navigation (1) and the menu of the webpage (2), as well as a rich text editor to create and change web pages.

The internet section provides information about the following topics:

  • Background: Background information on the project, its origin and its funding
  • Aims and Objectives: The aims and objectives of the VCSE approach in general and the different steps undertaken in the project
  • Approach: The specific approach and the organisational model of the VCSE
  • Join us!: Information about the different possibilities to participate in the VCSE
  • Partners: Background information on the partners participating in the VCSE
  • E-Learning Courses: Detailed information on all courses about the content, didactical approach, organisational aspects and so on
  • Network of Experts: Introduction of all experts involved in the project