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What was the division of responsibility between Katka, Veronika & Tereza? We worked together on the first part during the trip - I just uploaded it.

Very well written in English. Thanks :)

Is the beer spa concept really so original? It's possible to experience beer spas in CZ too. Don't you think the more original concept was to create a guest house resembling something from the Middle Ages? Both ideas (beer-spa concept and middle ages design) are original but definitely not completely unique - there's a "middle ages" hotel also in the Czech Republic - Anyway, we think it makes the place much more interesting for visitors.

4 October 2012

Well done - you obviously developed your wiki skills over the course of this exercise.

  • I would say 'properly' compensated rather than 'equally' compensated
  • It's a good and important point you make about creating greater awareness of the benefits of localised production through firsthand experience of products from the perspective of all three pillars of SD - using local products cuts down on environmental damage, it creates a greater sense of social worth and belonging if local growers and employees feel they're contributing to a greater good that they can see in their local community, and of course to supports a sustainable local economy without the need for outside assistance (apart from purchasers of the products)
  • Is the idea of the Gleisdorf hotel really good enough? It hadn't really opened yet when we visited, so the jury is still out on whether it will be a success (although of course we suspect it will be) ;)
  • Mining section still incomplete?!!!!!!!!
  • You could possibly mention other attempts to revive Eisenerz, like downsizing the town by demolishing old buildings and moving the population closer to the centre of town or to it sunny slope, the two-day heavy rock concert, or the performance art held in the quarry. What would be the possibility of copying these types of activities in the Czech Republic?
  • You could have used more examples of problems caused by mining in the Ore Mountains region and the solutions being applied to mined-out areas; what particular similarities were there with Eisenerz?
  • On what basis do you make the statement that it's "possible to observe a tendency to support sustainable development in the Czech Republic"? What's your objective evidence?
  • The conclusion doesn't relate too much to the rest of the article, and the statement about development focused only on mining doesn't align with the earlier paragraph about mining in the Ore Mountains, but then that section is incomplete...Conclusions should just summarise the arguments used earlier in the article and not introduce any new material.

Okay, overall, it's not bad and you've obviously picked up some ideas from the trip (something about energy and solar panels would have been good also), and your English is understandable. Your conclusion is unfortunately very general. For future academic writing you have to make sure to use cogent and concise argumentation using objective evidence and facts. Obviously this was difficult on the field trip to Graz without adequate time and resources, but some more critical analysis of what was observed would have been good.

Overall assessment: Good.

Good luck with your future studies!