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Dr. Sophia Gregou

Sophia Gregou (1968, GR) holds a BSc in Geology-Geochemistry from the University of Athens Greece (1991) and a PhD in Sedimentology-Palaeoceanography from the University of Lund, Sweden (1996). Dr. Gregou has been a lecturer/scientific researcher at the University of Lund and since 1998 a European Projects Consultant in the framework of NOW, Integra, Recite II, Leader II, Equal Opportunities and IST Projects. She is specialized in the provision of technical support for the setting up of employment and entrepreneurship support structures, as well as in the design of specialized educational toolboxes for disadvantaged social groups and adult learners. Since 2003, Dr. Gregou is the EMAS Coordinator of the University of Macedonia. She has designed and organized several environmental educational seminars and in-training courses for UOM’s personnel and students and compiled several publications and best-practice guidebooks on eco-management and sustainable development practices.