Students:Scope and Structure of the 2011 Assignment

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Your writing assignment should be about 1000 words long including references – not less, and not too much longer, because long piece of text would make it difficult to integrate into the whole case study.

To write a good text from all collected information it is necessary to structure it effectively in a clearly arranged way. You could use the proposed points for development a proper structure and might hold on the outlined topics which could help final compilation of your texts in one case study at the end of the writing process:

Proposal for structuring the text:

1. Introduction – define your interest group and your interests in the region

2. Description of the mining problem from your perspective

3. Current facts, data and figures concerning your activities, problems etc.

4. Controversial issues and measures taken by your group

5. Potential discussion with other interest groups

6. Sustainable perspective (possible solutions)

7. Open questions, lacking information (desideratum)

8. Conclusion – contribution to “lessons learned” of the whole case study

9. List of references in required format (APA)

Any text should demonstrate the problem in concrete context and view it from following perspectives:

1. Economy and its sustainable development

2. Environmental issues

3. Social consequences

4. All your arguments gather around potential strategic decisions for future that could be made within your interest group

5. Identify what is beyond your scope – needs to be done for your interest group by the others.

6. When identifying “strategic issues” of your case study, you could be inspired by the SWOT analysis prepared by the students last year: