Scenarios for possible futures

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  1. The first scenario, titled The Davos World, illustrates how the robust economic growth headed by China and India might reshape the nature of globalisation. Both new global players could give the development rather ‘non-western’ features while transforming the political arena.
  2. The Pax Americana scenario assesses conditions under which the United States could keep its global dominance in a radically changing world, and participate in setting up a new all-encompassing world order.
  3. The third scenario is called The New Caliphate. It illustrates an example of how a global movements sustained by the politics of a radical religious identity could be a challenge of Western standards and values as the groundwork of the global system.
  4. The last scenario – The Fear Cycle – described a situation where growing fears of proliferation of weapons and terrorism might lead to the introduction of such security precautions that an actual Orwellian world would appear.