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Pro-globalization (globalism)


Support of globalization: free trade should increase economic prosperity and technologies can raise living standards around the world. According to this ideology, the globalizatin process is beneficial spread of liberty and capitalism based on democratic principles, and will lead to global citizenship and building of global political institutions.


  • Globalization. (2008, March 8). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 21:52, March 8, 2008, from Source describes history, main features and pros and cons of globalization process. It is mainly based on essays with lacking references and verification. Pro-globalization arguments are supported by tables and graphs however.

Anti-globalization (mundialism)


The political stance with consequent process or actions taken by a state or organized individuals with common view that economic integration is based on investor rights, not the interests of people. Antiglobalists oppose mainly to the unregulated political power, multi-national corporations, violation of democratic citizens and labor rights, the environment damage and cultural practices breaking traditions of developing countries.


  • Globalization. (2008, March 8). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 21:52, March 8, 2008, from The anti-globalization theme is decsribed in an ill-structured way, it is too long with no subtitles. References available, but distorted. Nevertheless, the essence of the term is understandable.

Environmental threats of globalization

(General area of interest)

Food security

(Area of interest more specified)

Trade liberalisation and the globalisation of agriculture is supposed to increase the production of food and improve the economic situation of farmers across the world. However, in country after country the process is leading to a decline in food production and productivity, a decline in conditions for farmers and a decline in food security for consumers. Globalisation is deepening food insecurity the world over. (Vandana Shiva, 1997)

Soil fertility

Formulated "research question" and link to the new wiki page:

How is the food production and Soil fertility affected by the globalization process?