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Global Risk Society sub-themes

Sign up for any of them or find your own sub-theme. If two of you are interested in the same sub-theme, you have to negotiate on different aspects you will be concerned with.

  • Energy: Solar energy (Lina Samoske)
  • Food (agriculture, supply & transport,...) (Jonas Schier)
  • Migration (environmental, economical,...) (Fabian Siggemann)
  • Security (terrorism, wars) (Ilknur Yilmaz)
  • Health (diseases, sanitation,...)
  • Water (resources & supply) (Marenka Krasomil)
  • Culture, fundamentalism
  • Transport and tourism
  • Social problems, employment (Julia Wolter)
  • Financial, bussiness (Stefan Marx)
  • Environmental problems (biodiversity)(Jule Plawitzki)
  • Environmental resources
  • IT security
  • Media, communication (Corinna Lohrengel)
  • Human rights