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Dr. Joop de Kraker

Joop de Kraker (1965, NL) was trained on applied ecology at Wageningen University (MSc, 1989), and in 1996 he obtained his PhD in agricultural and environmental sciences from that same university. After graduation, he worked for more than 10 years on a wide range of international educational and research projects in the field of sustainable agriculture in Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. In 2001, he joined the School of Science of the Open University of the Netherlands as an assistant professor. His principal activity is the development of courses in environmental sciences, in relation to sustainable development. Dr. de Kraker’s current research interests focus on the interface between scientific research, learning and policy support for sustainable development, and the potential of ICT-supported learning environments to develop the required competencies. His scientific publications concern his research work on the ecology and management of agricultural pests and diseases, and more recently on operationalisation of and learning for sustainable development.