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Dr. Jiří Dlouhý

Jiří Dlouhý graduated with a Diploma in Control Systems from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, in 1982. After graduation, he worked for 10 years in the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in the Material Research Department. After 1991, he worked in the Information Department of the Federal Ministry of. He was one of the main organizers of the first conference of environmental ministers “Environment for Europe” in Dobříš, 1992. After the split of Czechoslovakia he entered the Charles University environmental Center, where he is leading the Department of Environmental Education and he is also responsible for IT. He is also active in the non-governmental sector, being a founding member of the Society for Sustainable Living and from 2007 chairman of this Society. For the period 2002-2006 he was representing Czech NGOs in the Board of the European Environmental Bureau.