VCSEwiki:Sample blank page

This is the theme of your choice

The "theme" is relevant to a specific discourse (economy, sociology,...) and our provided text that gives a brief summary of the globalisation problem from this point of view. As you will formulate your more specific question, include it as one of the topics, shortly describe it and provide link to the separate page[1].

Lesson 3

You will have to work with the provided text on this page. See example in the The nature of globalisation. Global actors and driving forces. Good luck!

For the Lesson 3, one of the texts (of your choice) should be transferred directly under the relevant title (here).

Text analysis

You should do brief Text analysis in the Lesson 3

Your research topic

Write the title of your "research question", and make an internal link to the separate page (see Editing rules).

Thus, you establish your own page with "your research topic". In following lessons, you will have to work on your article directly there.

Question (Lesson 2)

This is your "research" topic - formulate your "Research" question and write its title.

Under this heading briefly describe the theme you are going to explore. As an assignment, provide an evidence of your steps taken to formulate the question and evaluate the question of your colleagues.

Topic XY (Lesson 1 & 2)

Annotation (Lesson 2)

Here should be an Annotation prepared with respect to the relevant rules in Lesson 2.

External links (Lesson 1)

here should be the links found in the Lesson 1 - please quote them correctly using APA format
If you are quoting Wikipedia resource from the,
simply click on the link Cite this page from the toolbox on the left side of each page.
Use the Citation style that is conventional for you - we have chosen the APA style as it is most common.
  1. Test reference