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*3.4. [[/Evaluation of the VCSE Courses/]]
*3.4. [[/Evaluation of the VCSE Courses/]]
*3.5. [[/Lessons Learnt/]]
*3.5. [[/Lessons Learnt/]]
[[Category:VCSE Guidebook]]

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3. Strategies for developing and running e-courses for the VCSE

  • Authors: Dr.Matthias Barth, University of Lüneburg, Germany; B.A. Simon Burandt, University of Lüneburg, Germany; Dr. Judith Pizzera, University of Graz, Austria and M.A. Elisabeth Görsdorf , University of Graz, Austria
  • Co-referees: Mr. Mike Mannaart, Open University of Netherlands, the Netherlands and Dr. Antonin Jancarik, Faculty of Pedagogy, Charles University, Czech Republic