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5. How to promote the VCSE-model

  • Authors: Associate Professor Joop de Kraker, Open University of the Netherlands and Associate Professor Ron Cörver, Open University of the Netherlands
  • Co-referees: Prof. Wim van Petegem, Head of the Centre for Audio-visual and New Educational Technologies at Leuven University, Belgium and Dr. Mark Stansfield, University of Paisley, Scotland, UK

In the VCSE-project a distinction is made between three categories of promotional activities. These activities can be primarily aimed at (1) attraction of students of VCSE-universities to the courses offered through the virtual campus, (2) enlargement of the VCSE-partnership with new partners, and (3) dissemination of the VCSE-model as a ‘best practice’ of a virtual campus. The first two categories are dealt with in the previous chapters. This chapter focuses on dissemination of the VCSE-model. The first section briefly presents the VCSE-model for a virtual campus as a ‘best practice’ in the context of virtual mobility. The following section outlines our strategy for dissemination of the VCSE-model, with special attention for the channel of ‘on-site workshops’ in the third section. The chapter ends with conclusions on the strategy followed and a discussion of potential improvements.