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*5. [[/How to promote the VCSE-model/]]
*5. [[/How to promote the VCSE-model/]]

*6. [[Creating regional (e-)learning networks]]
*6. [[/Creating regional (e-)learning networks/]]
**6.1. [[Introduction]]
**6.2. [[Characteristics of regional networks]]
**6.3. [[Overview and classification of actor groups in networks]]
**6.4. [[Use of e-learning and blended learning in actor groups]]
**6.5. [[Overview of educational technologies for regional e-learning networks]]
**6.6. [[The VCSE regional learning networks]]
**6.7. [[The VCSE regional (blended) learning approach]]
**6.8. [[The VCSE RCEs]]
**6.9. [[Recommendations and reflections for the future]]

*7. [[Conclusions]]
*7. [[/Conclusions/]]
**7.1. [[Strengths and weaknesses of the VCSE virtual campus]]
**7.2. [[Recommendations for other virtual campuses]]
[[Category:VCSE Guidebook]]
**7.3. [[Useful links and networks]]
**7.4. [[Glossary]]
**7.5. [[Bibliography]]

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