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Criteria/levels of fulfillment max points: 10 max points: 5 points: 0 Assessment
Content quality of resources &well-founded argumentation: the authors have worked with literature properly: text is based on extensive list of references properly cited; statements are documented by appropriate citations and so essential arguments are based on reliable resources found specifically for this particular research; real data presented 10
Context wide context & core of the problem identified: problems understood in their inter-relationships, specific information fits into the whole picture; perceived from different perspectives but supports definite conlusions 10
Practical relevance combines general principles & driving forces and global features with practical consequences and local context: information about various aspects of the mining industry supports practical conclusions 10
Focus strong conclusions: values behind the topic are clear; main problems identified and addressed; through balanced structure and critical argumentation clear conclusions are derived 10
Clarity logical structure of the text: ideas are clear, (every) paragraph declares a separate point; detail adds to the main idea, elements are in the right place. Text is balanced, proper lenght of each part, and some gradation could be observed 10
Critical approach balanced text: problems presented from diverse perspectives but based on objective data and findings 10
Commitment ethics (writing) &length (text): writing process was constructive, held in dialogue and respect to the partners; time spent on writing above average 10
Individual input & risk-taking initiative in researching topic: independent work with resources, new perspectives opened 10
Formal features respecting academic genre: proper structure - abstract, key words, introduction (definition of the terms) and conlusion, well-defined paragraphs, sufficient titles and subtitles, sources properly cited in the text and in the list of references – citation format respected almost in all cases but some of the citations are missing (were only in the text, not list of references) 8
Reaction on the peer review reviewer’s comments respected - there was reaction on the comments by the teacher 10
Total (points) 98

Hello, there were only two of ou working very self-pendently on the theme which was one of the most difficult of all offered in this course. You have done your work very well, thanks for your commitment!

--Jana Dlouha 05:52, 27 January 2012 (CET)

Comments before finalizing:

...thanks for the text on Research institutions! Well done, I have some small comments here, and in the attached document, and I have to consider how to use it for wiki (this is rather stand-alone text, with very nice introduction and self-contained conclusions). BTW, for the wiki you have to log in, and we do not permit it always as some spammers are working there... So you have to "request" the access from us smile In your text, many very interesting "discoveries" appear. The research institutions point of view was most difficult, as obviously they have no real "standpoint", they usually serve those who need their support. But you have pointed out that they could play a very important role in democratization process - by providing objective information and some background for solutions (info, assessment and monitoring tools, ...), and, moreover, they could support information flows (incl. education). Thus they could empower small mining companies to work within environmental (and also social, health etc.) standards. There is also whole range of policy instruments that require a scientific feedback (such as indicators etc.). Finally, research is also important from the technological point of view - it is a driving force for innovations.

There is a lot of information in your text which you had to "extract" from your readings. Small weakness is that you mix up different aspects and so the structure is not too logical. For example, if you write about "Possible solutions" you might point out that science could be employed in different ways (e.g. for geological research to find more mineral resources) and sustainablity perspective slightly re-focuses its subject of exploration.

We will do some language improvement as soon as the text is finalized, but in some cases I do not undestand your point. Could you please do some minor changes before you submit it as a final text?

Thanks for your effort!


--Jana Dlouha 12:37, 12 January 2012 (CET)

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