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Criteria/levels of fulfillment max points: 10 max points: 5 points: 0 Assessment
Content quality of resources &well-founded argumentation: Text contains interesting points and observations but the work with literature resources is insuffiecient: information is not supported by referencing to the source and also there are sometimes only statements without any specific content, just phrases 5
Context wide context & core of the problem identified: problems understood in their inter-relationships although not always clearly expressed 10
Practical relevance combines general, theoretical knowledge and global features with practical consequences and local context: shows concrete examples and has practical conclusions 10
Focus strong conclusions: values behind the topic are not clear; main problems are identified and discussed but there are numerous topics with noclear priority so the conclusions are rather weak 5
Clarity logical structure of the text: ideas are sometimes not clear, focus of (every)paragraph need to be more specific; details need to be used in proper context (of other elements and main idea) 5
Critical approach balanced text: opposing views presented 10
Commitment ethics (writing) &length (text): writing process sometimes lacks commitment; time spent on writing might be OK but not properly coordinated effort 5
Individual input & risk-taking initiative in researching topic: rather insufficient initiative in finding proper resources (or not cited in the text) 5
Formal features respecting academic genre: proper length of paragraphs, sufficient titles and subtitles, but sources not properly cited in the text and in the list of references – citation format not respected 5
Reaction on the peer review reviewer’s comments respected not relevant at the moment - not finalized 0
Total (points) 60