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Criteria/levels of fulfillment max points: 10 max points: 5 points: 0 Assessment
Content - quality of resources &well-founded argumentation: Text contains interesting points and observations but the work with literature resources is insuffiecient: information is not supported by referencing to the source and also there are sometimes only statements without any specific content, just phrases 5
Context - wide context & core of the problem identified: problems understood in their inter-relationships although not always clearly expressed 10
Practical relevance combines general, theoretical knowledge and global features with practical consequences and local context: shows concrete examples and has practical conclusions 10
Focus - strong conclusions: values behind the topic are not clear; main problems are identified and discussed but there are numerous topics with noclear priority so the conclusions are rather weak 5
Clarity - logical structure of the text: ideas are sometimes not clear, focus of (every)paragraph need to be more specific; details need to be used in proper context (of other elements and main idea) 5
Critical approach balanced text: opposing views presented 10
Commitment - ethics (writing) &length (text): writing process sometimes lacks commitment; time spent on writing might be OK but not properly coordinated effort 5
Individual input & risk-taking - initiative in researching topic: rather insufficient initiative in finding proper resources (or not cited in the text) 5
Formal features - respecting academic genre: proper length of paragraphs, sufficient titles and subtitles, but sources not properly cited in the text and in the list of references – citation format not respected 5
Reaction on the peer review - reviewer’s comments respected not relevant at the moment - not finalized 0
Total (points) 60

--Jana Dlouha 17:06, 26 January 2012 (CET)


This review is still under construction!

1. Watch your English. It's not expected that you will write in perfect English, but some of the paragraphs are very hard to understand. If in doubt, keep it as simple as possible. I've made some grammatical corrections, but only so I myself could understand what you want to say. Check that I have not altered the meaning. 2. Best not to use the first person in academic writing (don't write "I think..."). Try to remain as objective as possible.