Students discussion:2009/2010 student themes

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Discussion about introductory paragraphs:

  • Jule Kathinka Plawitzki
  • Marta Potenza
  • Corinna Lohrengel
  • Henning Strate
  • Marenka Krasomil
  • Jonas Schier
  • Simon Dress
  • Josef Nový
  • Julia Wolter
  • Svea Marie Wehling

"Globalisation is a concept nowadays every single one of us has heard of" - maybe you could provide some definition as well - as you certainly percieve it from some point of view that will be different from the others. Also, if you cite the same resource, you could write (ibid, ...) Nice starting point Jana Thank you Jana, I'll try embedding your idea!

  • Ilknur Yilmaz
  • Lina Samoske
  • Fabian Siggemann
  • Helena Radoňová
  • Irmawan Rahyadi