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Discussion about introductory paragraphs:

  • Jule Kathinka Plawitzki
  • Marta Potenza
  • Corinna Lohrengel
  • Henning Strate
  • Marenka Krasomil
  • Jonas Schier
  • Simon Dress
  • Josef Nový
  • Julia Wolter
  • Svea Marie Wehling

"Globalisation is a concept nowadays every single one of us has heard of" - maybe you could provide some definition as well - as you certainly percieve it from some point of view that will be different from the others. Nice starting point Jana

  • Ilknur Yilmaz
  • Lina Samoske
  • Fabian Siggemann
  • Helena Radoňová
  • Irmawan Rahyadi