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modernisation of industry (environmental friendly, more competitive, employment, use border region, industrial zones- brownfields, help with writting projects to get a money)
tourism (one plattform for services in region- www site, hiking tracks, building tourism infrastructure, UNESCO, marketing- advertise, cultural heritage)
Major goals: UNESCO
Employment of local
- Infrastructure: roads, telecommunication , networks getting the people connected (incubators, hub)
- Loans for small and medium enterprices, administration support
- Joint venture businesses
- PR (attractive region for starting businesses)
- Renewable energz (future) integrating existing infrastructure
- BAT – administration and finance support

Bussiness divers
Modern and border crossing infrastructure
Incresing tourism (UNESCO)
- Platform for tourist Services to inform tourists, to support them better infrastructure
- C=B cooperation
o PR together
o Unesco

Social and cultural
Public infrastructure (health structure, cultural things, better transport)
Working community
Cultural conservation
- Construction of mining museum
- Reconstruction of architectural heritage
- Recreation of traditional arts
o Handcraft, „how was it“,
- Open air museum
- Wiki pages with languages german, czech, english
- Jezery castle environmental education centre, volunteering (castle as a symbol)
- Local festivals (city, community
- Educational projects :students programs, cooperation with universities
- Also for public and teachers
- Scholarship (sponsored by CC)
- Handcraft school
- Language competences: cooperation between czech and german schools
- Integration of roma (5 percent in cc)
Stable policy
Good image of the region
Good, healthy environment
Protection of cultural and natural heritage
- Connecting protected areas, building corridors geocatching
- Communication: websites, guide books, administration ( languages: cz, eng, ger)
- Creating chko natural protected area
- Lobbying: being paid for leaving coal in the earth (example equador)
- Education for sustainable development
o School projects
- Help to start local eco businesses
- Support local garden projects
- Local plants
Higher propotian of renewable energy
- Recultivation including production of renewable energy there like biomass production (soil rich enough for that) and solar panels (not in
- Support local producers
o Marketing
o Pr

Mining limits
- limits are setted, but the law can be changed by the government
- Law base is very weak
- Uncertainity for the life of locals and for tourist businesses
- Breaking means:
o Air pollution
o Destruction
 Cities
 Nature
 Infrastructure
o Single focused economy
o Independency of energy in Cze, sell to another countries (export rate of energy already 30 percent)
o Possible transformation of CC
 alternative sources
 biomass
o substitutes to local villages
o figure out another possibilities for employment
o predomination of CC
 other projects without CC support/ influences
discussion :
- village cannot be rebuilt (Simon) extention with strict limitations
- Larissa/ Martin : can’t trust CC, much room for interpretation, no guarantee
- Not so many people know about topic in detail, very unstable government
- Simon: „Dirty Thirty“ research from Greenpeace: the worstest one power plant, emission trading would be a chance,
- Red list: in the East „new thing“ Don’t know about, are not known and researched, noboby cares ,
- Miša: in Germany red list strong argument
- Petr: Opposition very weak
- Martin: Most important: Possibility to develop, her eis no clear expression of participation,
- Breaking limit seems the easiest and cheapest way to get the coal, but they need other technologies for environmental better way to extract the coal