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Data and Information

Geography and People

District Most of region Ústí nad Labem. Inhabitants of whole district 117,000 (2007)[1], city Most 67,000 (2009) [2]. Usti region covers 5,335 km2, accounting for 6.8 % of the Czech Republic’s total area. Agricultural land covers nearly 52 %, forests cover 30 % and water areas 2 %[3].

Usti region has 820,000 inhabitants all in all. There are 46 cities, (80.7 % of its inhabitants) and 354 villages. Villages up 500 inhabitants represent 54 % of all villages in region, but there is living only 5,8 % of inhabitants[4].

Political climate in the Most District

The political party Mostečané Mostu controls the city council over the 5 past years. In the last municipal elections in 2010 Mostečané Mostu won 50.7% votes. That means the party holds 26 out of 45 mandates in city council[5]. In fact, there is no opposition in Most and all parties are collaborating. The local media point to above standard reciprocal cooperation of these parties[6]. The party is financially supported by the important local businessman Jiří Zelenka and most of their representatives comes from the Housing Association SBD Krušnohor which administrates 21 781 flat units in Most and Litvínov[7]. More than half of the Most’s population lives in SBD Krušnohor´s flats[8]. This party also stood at the beginning of another local political party Severočeš which operates throughout Ústí nad Labem region and was registered 14th April 2008 and immediately got 13.2% votes in Ústí nad Labem region election in the same year[9]. Severočeš has not taken a clear position in question of breaking coal limits yet and is successfully avoiding answering it[10]. The influence of Severočeš is increasing and its people are preparing for the next region election in 2012. It already has to senators and many local councilors in many municipalities of Most district[11] [12].

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Sustainable development program for the region Ústí

Figures of the strategy of the Usti Region in the Sustainable development program pretended to us are:
These requirements consists wide strategies for sustainable development in the region as you see in in this examples.
1) To complete and improve the system of cycle routes in the Ústí Region by 2020.
2) To increase the total area of town centre pedestrian zones and the area of zones with limited traffic access by 2020.
===Energy concept of Czech ===
The Czech Republic has on the one side a local energy concept for the ÚSTÍ Region and on the other side a national energy plan for the whole of the land.


The goals for the region Ústí are:
1) To reduce the area of the Ústí Region suffering from bad air quality to 5.5% of the region as a whole by 2020.
2) To draw up plans for improving air quality in every town and area with bad air quality by the end of 2007.
3) To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.
4) To reduce particle emissions in t/km2 by 40% by 2020 and NOx emissions in t/km2 by 50% by 2020.
5) To increase the number of public vehicles running on alternative fuels by 2020.


On the national level has the Czech Republic in the year 2001 an energy mix of the following sources: annual electricity generated expressed in kilowatt-hours: 82.25 billion kWh [13] Electricity generation by energy source:[14]
fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.): 76.1%
Hydro: 2.9%
Nuclear power: 20%
other (wind power, solar energy, etc.): 1%

Urban plans / development strategies


These are overall goals from Ústí:
1) Improve employability and education of citizens
2) The revitalisation of towns and villages in the Ústí Region with an emphasis on renovating old accommodation, building new accommodation and the reconstruction of cultural and industrial heritage sites in states of poor repair.
3) Improvements in public health
4) Enhancement of the social situation by improving reproductive behaviour, integration of minority groups and limiting the incidence of undesirable social phenomena

Administration of public affairs

These are overall goals are pretended to us from Ústí: - The stepping up of efforts to engage the public in the planning and decision making process on a regional and local level.
- The creation of a system of grants in the Ústí Region to support the activities of NGOs, non-profit-making and other organisations aimed at putting the principles of sustainable development into practice, especially in relation to raising awareness among the public of the environment and sustainable development.
- Improving the approach of individual towns and villages to integrated environmental protection.
- The creation of sustainable development management to ensure the interconnectedness of the economic, social and environmental area of strategic development documents and to coordinate the implementation of their aims and objectives.
- The reduction of debts owed by towns and villages by ensuring that public money is spent in a more efficient way and by using funds from outside sources.[15]