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My paragraph

General aspects of globalization

Globalization is a very abstract subject. It has enormous expressions and phenomena. The different dimensions of globalization like economic or social aspects are very different as for example the political or generational aspects. The questions are how can we maximize the benefits of globalization and minimize cons of globalization for much as possible people. Some people have to give up some familiar things so that other people can satisfy their basic needs.
Especially the economic dimension of globalization is a very interesting topic, because the established kinds of economy have to think new and have to be reorganized in the future. Many national markets have been transformed into global market. And the consequence of these transformations was winners and losers.
But who knows if a local loser maybe tomorrow a winner. And who knows if in another contest the winner of today maybe the loser of tomorrow.

In this paragraph have been some general aspects of globalization, which are part of every globalization discourse. And the next paragraph will be more detail.

Concrete paradigm

The internet pushes the globalization fast forward, like Jan Aart Scholte report “global events can -- via telecommunication, digital computers, audiovisual media, rocketry and the like -- occur almost simultaneously anywhere and everywhere in the world” (Scholte 1996, 45). In general the internet brings us benefits in several dimensions of globalization. An example for this is the “globalization of information” and the opportunity for us to sell and buy products and services all over the world.
Especially the sales of services, like the production and maintenance of software systems in particular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in companies.
On the one hand there are some services which the consumers will even buy at the local dealer’s e.g. hairdressers, stylists, doctors and restaurants.
But on the other hand are there many services, like software, where the consumers not disturb were and on what part of the world these services will be produced and maintained.

Case study

I think it will be very interesting and fascinating to find such products and analyses the social, economic, political and cultural consequences for consumers, producers and environment. This will be shown with more details in the case study.