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Result of work of the Group 1 in pdf file: File:Comparison group1.pdf

Criteria Germany/ Seiffen Czech Republic
Appearance · Clean, · Demolished houses,
· in good shape, · poor
· seems people invest in there houses · more effort in modernization
Infrastructure · Very well transportinfrastructure on both sides
· Good water supply
Economic · Professionel small businesses, · More heavy industries,
· tourism in summer, · tourism in winter,
· inocme is the lowest in germany · missing small businesses,
· low incomes
Education · Next university in Dresden, Chemnitz, · Next university in Usti, Liberec,
· primary shool near by · primary shool and kinder garden near by
Charakteristik of citizens · Lot of factories, · Few people with a college degree,
· No big industry · no job chances for well and few educated people,to find a job in this region
· Small and innovative enterprises
Environmental · less natural enviroment. · A lot of devastation, caused by coal mining
· Negativ effects of air pollution
· more natural enviroment than in Germany
Problems of the region · Unemployment (10% in Seiffen), · Unemployment (35% in St.Katherinberg),
· (declining of population) · Conflict with the mining company,
· demographic change, means that more older than young people live there · No relationship to the countryside