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What is Globalization?

To get insight into the globalization process and its consequences, use the following resources. Concentrate on your topic of greatest interest (e.g. the environment) and try to develop your own research question that will guide your readings (e.g. is globalization in principle pro- or anti-environmental, and what are the driving forces of environmental degradation?):

  • Educational materials from the Levin Institute[1].
    • please read about the process itself
    • follow the basic information on most of the globalisation issues
    • and to obtain up-to-date and the most topical information you may also look through the latest overview of the news.
  • To get a more in-depth view of the problem, use the Globalization website [2]. This is a slightly outdated resource but which provides a very useful glossary, a brief overview of globalisation debates, and insight into the most important theories.

Please remember that a diversity of resources will contribute to the critical perspective you will develop! So we encourage you to find some more useful links and share them with us.


  1. Levin Institute, page [online] [cit 2010-11-12] available from (American perspective)
  2. Lechner, F. et al. (2001) The Globalization website. [online] [cit 2010-11-12] available from [ An excellent resource for hyperlinks to issues, theories and especially news from various sources.

Other sources

  • Introduction: Globalization on Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Scheuerman, William, "Globalization", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Summer 2010 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), [online] [cit 2010-11-12] available from
  • Globalization in brief: Global Transformations web - Held, D., McGrew, A., Goldblatt, D., Perraton, J. (1999) What is Globalization? [online] [cit 2010-11-12] available from Basic outline of globalization principles and effects, although rather outdated.
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