Students:Friday, Day Seven

Friday was the day for the presentation of the results of the students' work over the duration of the week.

In the morning we used a public bus to get from HSK to Litvínov. Our various presentations took place in the auditorium of the Centre for Bachelor Studies at Schola Humanitas - a specialised secondary school focusing on environmental education in Litvínov. While some of the summer school coordinators were misdirected by some workers to the school auditorium in the school's main auditorium, they eventually discovered the mistake and found the correct auditorium in time where the facilities were found to be excellent, as were the refreshments provided by the school.

Public discussion

There was some nervousness among the summer school staff about how many invitees would eventually turn up, as only two confirmations had been received beforehand from the many dozens of invitations that had been sent out. By the beginning of the presentations approximately 10 participants had arrived, including officials from the Most municipal council and from Destinační agentura Krušné hory o.p.s. Unfortunately, almost all of them disappeared after the first 20 minutes, leaving only three local people with whom we could have a discussion afterwards. The summer school organisers will have to think about ways of including more local stakeholders and encouraging them to stay for the public discussion at future summer school presentations.

Almost all students and university staff participated in the presentation when we explained in some detail the goals of the summer school, the methodology used, the tasks the students were set, and what their ultimate outcomes were in the form of possible strategies for the region for dealing with the localised challenges of the three pillars of sustainable development. Unfortunately, it was probably the theoretical part of the presentations that dissuaded much of the local stakeholder audience from remaining, as this came first, but those who steadfastly remained were very interested in the results of our work and engaged in a long discussion with the students after the presentation. A summary of the many presentations can be viewed here: File:Presentation Compiled1.pdf.

After lunch in the school cafeteria we had some time which we spent with some brief sightseeing of the city and also by shopping at the Tesco supermarket.

Back to Hora Svaté Kateřiny by public bus. Before dinner we had a last presentation provided by Petr Mikšíček, the author of several books, exhibitions, cultural events etc., on the Ore Mountains.

After dinner we saw the documentary film "Coal in the Soul" - with Liběna Novotná, the regional PR manager who we met on the day we visited the Czechoslovak Army Mine. Werewolf game took up the rest of the evening.

More images: Day Seven Photos