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Support infrastructure

  • streets, roads
  • IT
  • WiFi

sharing of knowledge: crossboarder cooperation, cooperation with universities, etc.

Administrative support of sharing bussiness knowledge:

  • small & medium bussiness
  • best available technology
  • "Joint venture"


  • renewable energy in future
  • integrating existing energy

Cross-boarder cooperation for tourism

  • PR together

Society & Culture

Creation of local connection and identity

  • by the local people on their own -> more powerful
  • reconstruction of architectural heritage
  • recreation of traditional arts
  • open air museum
  • coal mining museum

Democratical participation

Educational projects

  • Jezeri castle as environmental educational center, volunteering
  • education for sustainable development
  • school projects
  • cross-boarder cooperation
  • educational programs
  • handcraft school
  • cooperation with university


Support of local producers

  • marketing
  • PR

nature protection

  • connecting protected areas
  • webpages (eng, ger, cze), guidebooks, administrative support, geocaching
  • building biocorridors