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My thesis, based on readings about the New Zealand case (and related resources) is following: globalization is a process related to certain power games and strong (economical) interests - it creates specific "magnetic field" in which it is easy to become a winner AND/OR looser. But there are possibilities to oppose its logic and protect certain values... What are these possibilities? Are they accessible on global level or could be generated rather from local resources? Where are resources of (local) pride, responsibility, thoughtfulness?

This thesis works in relation to natural resources - and what else? Culture? Social (community) sphere? Everything that is traditional? .... And do we really need all this old-fashioned stuff?

Good luck in your considerations and writings!

Jana Dlouhá

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My Case Study

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Changing people's relationship to their environment

The following section is for an introduction to the case study. I'll try to add the exact text tomorrow.

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