Students:2009/2010 student themes

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Please write your introductory paragraph directly under your name.

Your (in further stages collaborative) work will be focused on risks associated with Globalisation process (not only global risks, but also those that you face in your everyday life). So the introductory paragraph should introduce the theme of global risk society somehow; it could anticipate your future theme if you have already decided on it. Please keep in mind that we should coordinate our work so that the final product is homogenious; those who will take lead in choosing the theme will have an advantage!

  • Jule Kathinka Plawitzki
  • Marta Potenza
  • Corinna Lohrengel
  • Henning Strate
  • Marenka Krasomil
  • Jonas Schier
  • Simon Dress
  • Josef Nový
  • Julia Wolter
  • Svea Marie Wehling
  • Robert Pietruck
  • Ilknur Yilmaz
  • Sabrina Lahmann
  • Kai Weinkauf
  • Anouk Exertier
  • Vicky Clemente Soler

Please use the following format further on:

  • Introduction

Branstorming on Globalisation and Risk society - try to concentrate on specific risks that you are interested in and want to write about them more comprehensively.

  • Research Question:
  • Thesis Statement
  • Outline