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--[[User:Jana Dlouha|Jana Dlouha]] 10:23, 8 December 2009 (UTC)
--[[User:Jana Dlouha|Jana Dlouha]] 10:23, 8 December 2009 (UTC)
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Dear Stefan,
First of all I am very sorry that I did not posted my comments earlier, I hope you still have enough time to read my comments and improve your text.
I really like your theme, I think it is very current topic in respect to the financial crisis and in regards to globalisation. Though I had some difficulties to understand every thing, you could express some parts more in detail, even if I know that it is a very wide filed and the seminar just offers a small access.
Starting with your first text, there you give a short and brief introduction of your theme. You describe the changes in financial markets linked to the upcoming connection of globalisation and capital markets. This Introduction gives a good overview.
The main text is well structured, you start with an overview of historical events that are necessary to understand the following. In the first paragraph you mention general global effects as the interlinking between countries and markets. Here you could mention some more, that especially occur through the financial market.
In the next paragraphs the argumentation structure is good organised, the whole text has a coherent structure, you write a thesis and after you prove it with arguments and resources. To give the reader a better and closer look to the argumentations you should go more in detail. You describe that companies try to maximize their earnings by locating their new factories in countries with the best conditions. Why is it a “quite new factor in global economy” ? You could describe the changes more considerably.
What exactly do you mean by writing “the rising of quantity of financial instruments” ? It would help to understand if you explain more in detail what you mean with the quantity of instruments.
In the conclusion part you pick up the main problem, again “national laws for global capital markets- a contradiction ?” that brings it to a good conclusion. You describe that a supranational institution is required, what kind of institution could that be, what kind of capacity and competences should it offer?
You mention the IMF and that it couldn’t fulfilled this task because it does not has appropriate responsibilities, how could the responsibilities look like, that the IMF would have the chance to fulfil its tasks properly ? I agree with you that Europe plays an important role for global markets and that the USA has a more aggressive way of acting in economic affairs. Do you think the new government with Obama could change anything about that ? Do you think the USA could focus on better regulations together with Europe?
In your whole text you use technical terms that are necessary though your writing stile readable that makes it easier to understand the topic with its professional demand.