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About me

I'm 22 years old student originally from Brno and also living there. I study Masaryk university - my subjects are Politics and Environmental studies. I like music, discussing, doing something and being active. More about me here.

Sustainability and me

Sustainability includes quite a lot areas which we can talk about - energy, water, traffic, food, place, lifestyle etc. I'm going to write about sustainability in general. It means necessity to me. I simply think that the current "western" lifestyle can not be handled (worldwide), including all consequences such as animal extinction, nature devastation, animal misusing, political corruption, ignoring human rights, selfishness of people, working in pointless jobs etc. We can't live the same way as we do just because it can't work for longer time - politically, socially, environmentally.

Also, as I believe in God I believe that I am (we are) responsible for the land He gave us. But there is also important secular reason for why we should live sustainably (if animals and nature is not reason) - because of our children. If we want to have some, we should give them a place where they can live in and bring them up in a way, that make them happy. Which, I think, is not going to happen nowadays.