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This is the main information page and work space for the International Spring School on Sustainable Development 2014 to be held on 30 March - 5 April 2014 in Týnec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic. It is organised by the Charles University Environment Center in collaboration with the Open University of the Netherlands and funded by the project "Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development Network" (OP VK, Czech Republic).

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Promotional flyer

File:International Spring School on SD 2014 flyer-electronic.pdf

Pre-course information

File:Sustainability Spring School PRE-PACKAGE PARTICIPANTS FINAL.pdf


File:Sustainability Spring School PRE-COURSE ASSIGNMENT.pdf

Please complete all parts of the pre-assignment by Friday 28th March.

This includes:

1) Your profile – please enter information on the respective link with your name under "Student profiles" below on:

- yourself (university, study topic, hobbies, etc.) and what you're most keen to learn about at the Spring School

- an initiative or project in your town/region/country/etc. that you like and believe contributes to the sustainable development of the area

Please follow the instructions given below.

2) Pre-course survey – please fill in the following survey so that we can evaluate the course (second part of the survey will follow after the course)


Please fill in your profile information on your respective link below by Friday 28th March

Please include the following:

1. One or two paragraphs about yourself (university, study topic, hobbies, etc.) and what you're most keen to learn about at the Spring School.

2. Find an initiative or project in your town/region/country/etc. that you like and believe contributes to the sustainable development of the area. Write one paragraph about this initiative/project in your profile. We'll then discuss this at the Spring School.

HOW TO ENTER INFORMATION INTO THE WIKI? You need to "Create account" for this Wiki in the top right corner (you'll be also using it during the course, so please remember the login details!), log into the Wiki, click on your name and then click "Edit". A text editor will open up and you can enter the information there. Don't forget to "Save page" once you're done. If at any point the site asks a control question (usually pops up on the top of the page when you try to Save page), such as "What is the family name of the administrator of this site?", please enter "Dlouhy" as the answer.

Hope that's all clear. Happy Wiki-ing:-)


Please write a one A4 page (cca 150 words) about the most interesting/fascinating/new fact or topic that you've learned about at the Spring School. Reflect on this fact/topic in regard to your current studies and your future career (e.g. how do you think you might use this information in your future work?).

Enter this information under your profile below (we recommend to write it in Word first and then copy/paste to this wiki).

Deadline: Friday 11th April 2014 (end of the day)

Thank you!

List of students participating in the Spring School:

Lecturers' and organisers' profiles

Alexandru Andrasanu (Geoconservation)

Andrew Barton (Water, Organising Team)

Iosif Botetzagias (Tourism)

Sandra Caeiro (SCP - Waste)

Cristian Ciobanu (Geoconservation)

Antje Disterheft (Waste, Decoupling Discussion)

Jana Dlouhá (Organising team)

Jiří Dlouhý (Organising Team)

Silvia Gabriela Iftode (Energy Sources Discussion)

Sebastian Gebauer (Hydropower)

Dana Kapitulčinová (Food, Organising Team)

Leena Karrasch (Climate Adaptation)

Joop de Kraker (Sustainable Development, EVS)

Ana Paula Martinho (Waste)

Teachers:Eduard Petiška\Eduard Petiška (Student, Organising Team)

Martin Zahradník (Organising Team)

Jan Weinzettel (Decoupling)

Practical information


Presentations & resources

Presentations according to the programme:

MONDAY 31st March

Introduction (Dana Kapitulčinová, Jiří Dlouhý) File:Spring School Intro Dana 31-03-2014.pdf

Lecture: Sustainable Development in the EU (Joop de Kraker) File:SD in the EU - 2014 Tynec.pdf

Lecture: E-learning and sustainability - EVS (Joop de Kraker) File:E-learning for SD - 2014 Tynec.pdf

TUESDAY 1st April

Lecture: Sustainable Hydropower (Sebastian Gebauer) File:EVS 2014-04-01 Hydropower & Sustainability.pdf

Student Case Study: Sustainable Hydropower (Luisa Borges, Monika Bosilj) File:PP SHP Final.pdf

Case Study Presentation on YouTube (the ladies asked to be filmed for their EVS colleagues to see):

Lecture: Urban Waste (Ana Paula Martinho, Sandra Caeiro) File:Consumption and Waste Prevention 02 04 2014.pdf

Student Case Study: Urban Waste (Antje Disterheft) File:URB2 AD FINAL.pdf

Lecture: Climate Adaptation in Coastal Regions (Leena Karrasch) File:Karrasch CAC 2014.pdf

Student Case Study: Climate Adaptation (Kirstin Surmann) File:PPT CAC EVS.pdf

Lecture: Geoconservation in Hateg Country Dinosaur Geopark (Alexandru Andrasandu, Cristian Ciobanu) File:AA Geoconservation Prezentare CZ.pdf

Student Case Study: Geoconservation in Hateg Country Dinosaur Geopark (Marius Sfetcu) File:GEO1 Hateg Country Dinosaurs Geopark final version (1).pdf


Lecture: Decoupling of Environmental Pressure from Quality of Life (Jan Weinzettel) File:Decoupling.pdf

Student Case Study: Decoupling of Environmental Pressure from Quality of Life (Zoe Astara) File:EVS DEC-PPT last version.pdf

Lecture: Sustainable Tourism (Mario Diethart - recorded lecture) File:EVS Sustainable Tourism Diethart.pdf

Student Case Study: Sustainable Tourism (Iosif Botetzagias)

Lecture: Food Systems and Sustainability (Dana Kapitulčinová) File:Spring School Food system Dana 02-04-2014.pdf

Lecture: Water (Andrew Barton) File:Global water resources and water scarcity in Jordan.pdf

EVS Student Case Studies (not presented at the Spring School):

GEO2 - Geoconservation File:GEO2 Final PPT.pptx

STR2 - Sustainable Tourism File:STR2 Final PPT.pptx

URB1 - Urban Waste File:URB1 Final PPT.pptx

Useful resources (mentioned at the Spring School):

Sustainable Development Goals - UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

Sustainable Development Solutions Network

World Food System Center, ETH Zurich (organising 2-week course on Food systems and sustainability)

BONUS: Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary-General lecture in Prague 4th April 2014

It happens that Ban Ki-moon (Pan Ki-Moon in Czech), the UN Secretary-General visited Prague and gave a lecture at Charles University on Friday 4th April while we were enjoying our Spring School in Týnec. I'd like to share part of his lecture with you:

The late Vaclav Havel [former Czech president] spoke about this when he addressed the United Nations in the year 2000.

He said, “The most important thing that we should seek to advance in the era of globalization is a sense of global responsibility.”

Your family, your community and your country are all extremely important – but their security alone is not enough. You have to rise above your personal and national interests. You can do this in many ways – as a doctor, an artist, a politician or a philanthropist.

No matter what profession you choose, and even before you start your career, you can be an activist. Just by using technology in the palm of your hands, you can monitor human rights, spread your views, and press for action. That is my call to you now. Be a global citizen.

Stand up for peace, justice, human rights and human dignity. Stand with the United Nations. And stand tall, in your own fields, as champions of our common values. Thank you.

Full text of the lecture:

Photos and videos

Jirka's photos (Sunday 30th to Tuesday 1st):

A couple of Dana's (and Kirstin's) photos:

Some of Andrew's mobile phone photos (Thursday & Friday):

Alena's photos and videos:

Markéta's photos and videos (in rar format):

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